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Digital Advice Live! 2018 is a one-day event for corporate decision-makers with a focus on sales, marketing, and CX, who want to create exceptional offline and online digital experiences customers love. This year’s conference will be themed: ‘Humanizing Digital’.

For the fourth year in a row, Digital Advice Live! brings together attendees and speakers from the most customer-centric, dynamic and innovative companies who will share their expertise on Digital Advice, and how to leverage the technology to drive action and deepen customer relationships.
The conference serves as a catalyst for inspiration in a world that’s constantly changing. Join us to stay ahead of the competition and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to improve the most crucial phases of the customer journey:
Engagement, Education and Evaluation!

Humanizing Digital?

Humanizing Digital means using digital solutions to build experiences around four human needs: ‘Understand Me’, ‘Take Care of Me’, ‘Let Me Contribute’, and ‘Help Me’.

How you fulfill those needs and how you make the customer feel about the interactions they have with your company has an enormous impact on whether they remain loyal or not.

Digital Advice has emerged as the strategic technology for creating customer- and needs-centric experiences. It allows you to remove digital barriers, remain relevant and stay connected with the customer.

At Digital Advice Live! you’ll discover how leading companies use Digital Advice to successfully build human-centered experiences.


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Extraordinary Speakers

Exciting line-up of thought leaders and top industry executives.

Networking and Learning

An environment that fosters dynamic conversations and the exchange of best practices.

World-class Venue

The newly-opened Cornell Tech campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island oozes innovation, making it the perfect venue for Digital Advice Live! 2018.

Meet the speakers

Digital Advice
Live! 2018

The Bridge at
Cornell Tech, NYC

June 28, 2018

Sales, Marketing,
CX and Product

Deliver great experiences
in a digital world!

What attendees are saying

  • The list of speakers was impressive. We have our own understanding of how things are being done within our company, but it was great to hear what other companies are doing, companies who are not even in our industry, so we could learn and see how we can be more helpful to our customers.
  • What's interesting, specifically about this conference is that I could talk to the experts directly to hear what they think about new trends in ecommerce.
  • We joined the conference to learn from other companies and to find out what challenges or what successes they had so we can try to incorporate that into our business.
  • The conference and the talks helped me see where our focus must be.
  • For a while now we are trying to see how we can help our customers find the products that they are looking for and also improve our in-store experience. I gained a lot of knowledge and insight into what we need to do now.